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Glenn 'G-Nice' Tennant

by Jed Donovan

Glenn Tennant with Mr. Unmovable - AJ. T Dot - 2002


My family and Glenn's wife, Wanita's family is where the bond begins. It was Wanita's mother who used to look after my siblings and I, when we were very young, while my folks were away. Now this is going back to the late 1980's, the time of baggy jeans and high-top fades. Thankfully time moves on... aswell as fashion...!

Even though our generation has grown up on opposite sides of the 'pond', this in no way impeded the connection between us. Quite the opposite - it made us make the most of every phone call and every visit, and we would always look forward to the next moment to see, and or, hear from each other. We thoroughly enjoyed each others company from the moment we first met.

Then Wanita met Glenn. Sparks flew, love ensued and mighty is the blessing bestowed upon the righteous union between a man and woman. And when The Almighty blesses individuals, none can unbless them. Such is the union between Glenn and Wanita, one which I hold in high esteem and awe.

Working with G-Nice

The Rasta Yoga Project

One of the defining moments in my friendship with Glenn came courtesy of a family project. Namely Rasta Yoga - a yoga retreat nestled in the country side of The Nature Island of The World (Waitikubuli aka Dominica W.I). I had ideas for what to do, but Glenn had a vision. I already knew that Glenn was an accomplished Graphic Designer, so asking him for help with Rasta Yoga was as natural as getting up and going to work. And when he sent through his vision for Rasta Yoga - I was humbled. Right then I knew that this was the kind of work I wanted to pursue. And Glenn helped me to do just that - and it wasn't long before I was using tech to hone my skills. But I sorely miss Glenn's words of wisdom and encouragement, as it's not possible to know it all in any given field of expertise.

That aside, I miss Glenn's friendship the most, and I thank him for being the best of friends and it is my honour to call him 'brother'. And you know despite the suffering that Glenn endured, he remained G-NICE !!! That wonderful example of an individual. Glenn is without doubt one the most amazing people anyone could ever meet. And I want to be like him. I consider him to be my teacher, not just in terms of my trade but also my personal and family life. I often joked about Glenn and Wanita adopting - obviously putting myself first in line..... alright, I know it sounds a little wierd as we're very close in age, but the point is - you can't choose your parents, but if you could then Glenn and Wanita would top my wish list. There was even a time, back in 2004, when I was considering moving to Canada, lock stock and barrel. And of course Glenn's words of wisdom come to mind when I recall that time - he said "The grass is always greener on the other side, but you still have to cut it"
.... I love you bro!

Glenn Tennant - Rasta Yoga promo

Glenn 'G-Nice' Tennant

My brother, friend and mentor

I dedicate this work (shinobiacademy.com) to you - Glenn. I thank you for sharing that which inspired me to do this. All that you gave still remains, arming me with good guidance to keep up the struggle. And may The Almighty rest you in eternal bliss - He forgets no one, and I surely will not forget you either.


in loving memory of

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