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Colin Byrne

Chief Instructor

Shinobi School of

Mixed Martial Arts

Iberlagos, Lagos, Portugal


Shinobi Futureproof

Shinobi MMA Training Camp

Private 1-to-1 or small (up to 4 persons) group mentoring camp. This camp is suitable for people with little or no experience in martial arts and is suitable for any age. The camp will be based on movement and posture.
You will get advice on nutrition, mind-set and martial art techniques. The aim of this camp is to use martial arts to expand - physically and spiritually.

Shinobi Futureproof - Personal Training

Training details

Preparation for The Mixed Martial Artists' Lifestyle

Level : Beginners - Intermediates

  • • Accomodation is available to guests who want to tailor an extensive Futureproof training course. Block bookings are welcome.

  • • Grasp the concept of Best Foods for sustaining energy levels, and incorporate a Mixed Martial Artists' dietary plan.

  • • Physical conditioning - through outdoor activities that interest you.

  • • Physio Therapy - Posture and movement.

  • • Mixed Martial Arts induction.



The Shinobi Futureproof training camp is an introduction to the Mixed Martial Artists' lifestyle. Covering the integral aspects of this way of life.


Spirituality and Environment

Dona Ana Beach

Spirituality in Mixed Martial Arts teaching has always been an integral part of this profession. A growing body of literature claims that spirituality can make a difference in leadership practice. Spirituality is a complex and controversial phenomenon, the meaning of which may be shaped and re-shaped by diverse perspectives and experiences. It includes connectedness with ones self and environment, meaning of life and living, and a desire to move towards greater authenticity between beliefs, moral-values, attitudes and actions. My interest in spirituality in educational leadership relates to my professional background as a Mixed Martial Arts Coach and Trainer.

Best Foods for Sustained Energy

Way of the Mixed Martial Artist

Carbohydrates such as high-fiber cereals, whole-grain breads and pastas, dried beans, and starchy vegetables are the best type of foods for prolonged energy because they are digested at a slow, consistent rate. Carbs also stabilize your body’s sugar level, which in turn causes the pancreas to produce less insulin. This gives you a feeling of satiety and you are less hungry. Also important in a healthy, energy-producing diet is protein (preferably chicken, turkey, and fish), legumes (lentils and beans), and a moderate amount of healthy monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats (avocados, seeds, nuts, and certain oils). Adequate fluids are also essential for sustaining energy. Water is necessary for digestion, absorption, and the transport of nutrients for energy.


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