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Colin Byrne

Chief Instructor

Shinobi School of

Mixed Martial Arts

Iberlagos, Lagos, Portugal



Building better people through MMA

As the popular Irish phrase goes, the Shinobi Academy always has and always will be about ‘céad míle fáilte’ , (a hundred thousand welcomes). We have been extremely lucky to have a number of talented athletes, coaches and international martial arts teams visit us to train at the facility. They have brought with them a wealth of experience, and for those who we have had the pleasure of meeting for the first time – we have made lifelong friends within MMA. A testament to how much each team, coach and individual has enjoyed their stay, is their repeated visit to us year after year.
Here are some of the kind words and thoughts of those who have come in for a coffee and stayed for some rolling & sparring on the mats:

Andy Ryan

Judo & BJJ Black Belt Team Ryano/BJJ Revolution

Just back from our Bjj/Mma camp in Portugal.
A huge thanks to our hosts Colin and Candy for looking after us so well.
A big thanks to the camp coaches Paul Redmond Robert Brennan Fergal Quinlan. Thank you to all who supported our camp from our team and from clubs around Ireland.
Looking forward to our next camp

Robert Brennan

Judo Black Belt, BJJ Brown Belt

Brilliant few days Coaching and training Judo and Jiu Jitsu with Team Ryano/BJJ Revolution at Shinobi Academy Portugal thanks to Colin for hosting and Andy Ryan, Fergal Quinlan for the excellent details taught over the camp.

Stephen 'BJJ Lowbowski' Lowry

BJJ Brown Belt

There's one ticked of the bucket list. Getting to train with the "Serpico Ninja" in the Shinobi Acadamy, Lagos.
Big thanks to Colin & Candy for being outstanding hosts. The boss Andy Ryan for organising it & Paul Redmond Robert Brennan & Fergal Quinlan for sharing their techniques with us. And finally all the lads from Ryano & other clubs around the country for making it a trip to remember.
Roll on the next one !!

Karl McCormack

Ninjutsu black belt & Cross-Fitter

A few lines, they said. It’ll be easy they said !
So what's my story ?
The first Shinobi training camp over and an Icelandic volcano decides to kick off turning a week’s action packed holiday into three. Now that's a result in anybody’s book. I play Jiu-jitsu for the love of it, and I do Cross-Fit for the hell of it. For me that means hitting the mat for a few hours, then goin’ for a surf. Getting the good stuff into me, food wise, then hitting the mat again. That’s a perfect day right there! Day two, I'm gonna get out in a kayak for a bit, in between sessions.Sprinkle in some swimming, running, mountain biking, and rock climbing, and all the boxes are ticked for me. Sorry Colin, I know the green room is savage with the bags, the Kettle bells, Oly bars and climbing ropes etc, but I’m getting’ out into that sunshine baby!  The Third time I hit Shinobi I brought my two sons on the adventure, and just got stuck into all that good stuff I’ve been tellin’ ya about. That's just a little of  my Shinobi story What's yours ?

Stewart Dollery

The MMA Clinic

Shinobi Academy nestled on the cliffs of the beautiful Portuguese town of Lagos is an absolute gem of a location for anyone interested in an active holiday or weekend break. The coach Colin Byrne brings a wealth of martial arts experience, a purple belt in Bjj, black belt in Ninjutsu and a willingness to share skills and techniques with anyone who passes through his doors. The gym itself is immaculate with a beautiful white matted area, conditioning area, bag room, and most importantly a Nespresso machine at reception. The stunning view as you leave the gym will energise even the most tired bodies and with the option of kayaking and surfing it's not just combat related at Shinobi. But don't just take my word for it, go see for yourself. 5 stars

Paul Reed

Shinobi Fighting Championships co-founder, HFF Solutions

The week I spent training with Shinobi in Oct 2010 was without doubt one of my best weeks ever. Colin has put together some serious high level coaches for a week of unbelievable training and the improvement seen in the all of us by the end of the week was incredible. Colin and Candy are two of the best people you will ever have the luck to meet and importantly make you feel extremely comfortable from the first to the last minute. Whatever your age, experience or discipline, you will have an unbelievable week, improving your wrestling, BJJ and striking techniques,not to mention mental strength, diet and training tips. Colin told me from the very first minute that the goal is to get the best out of everybody, well they achieved that and more. Shinobi deserves massive recognition and success and I hope it goes from strength to strength in the future. Can’t wait to get back for the Surf Jitsu weekend and of course the April MMA camp not to mention having a family holiday there just so I can train with Colin again!! A huge thanks to the Shinobi Academy and massive respect always.

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