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Colin Byrne

Chief Instructor

Shinobi School of

Mixed Martial Arts

Iberlagos, Lagos, Portugal



Coaches vs Trainers

We achieve the best results by having a diverse team of Professional Trainers and Coaches. Trainers will always focus on the discipline to be learned while coaching takes a step beyond this whereby the coach empowers the learner to discover their own answers, becoming a powerful complement to training. Thanks to the high calibre of our coaches and the quality of our facility we have an excellent reputation for both coaching and training. This has led us to forming strong international connections in the world of Mixed Martial Arts. We pride ourselves on wanting what's best for our clients, and in order to do that we only work with, and recommend, the best.

Resident Coaches

Iberlagos, Lagos, Portugal

Colin Byrne

Chief Instructor, Shinobi MMA Academy

Dublin, Ireland
MMA Coach

I have been training martial arts since 1997, firstly in Ninjutsu, and then I attended my first bjj class with John Kavanagh back in 2002. Since then I have been training MMA. I have been to Thailand twice, to train and fight . I competed as a blue belt at the Brazilian Jiu-jitsu European Championships , gaining a silver and bronze medal respectively. Since then I have earned my purple belt. I am a full time martial artist, and chief instructor teaching every day at the Shinobi Academy.

Candy Donovan

Former Figure Champion

Rosalie, Dominica
Personal Trainer

Candy has been in the fitness industry for many years, and has been a competitive figure bodybuilder with multiple national titles. She was selected for the Irish national squad in 2004, 2005 & 2006 for the NABBA Miss Universe championships, and placed 5th in the NABBA Miss World contest. Her extensive knowledge in weight-training, cardio and diet, as well as her flawless posing and body building routines make her a great asset to the team.


M.V.P Coaches

Straight Blast Gym, SBG Ireland

John Kavanagh

Chief Instructor, SBG Ireland

Dublin, Ireland
BJJ & MMA Coach

From the originator of MMA in Ireland to world class coach and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt. John has been at the forefront of BJJ and MMA in Ireland. He has brought people from ‘day one beginner’ to world champions titles. His methods of teaching are among the best I have come across and his fundamentals are flawless.

Gunnar Nelson

UFC Pro Fighter

Akureyri, Iceland
Fights out of Mjölnir Iceland
& SBG Ireland

UFC fighter and BJJ black belt. Gunnar is one of the best BJJ players on the planet, and has been invited to the ADCC twice, and has been Pan American Champion. Gunnar has a conceptual coaching style, and his calm attitude is inspiring.

Chris Fields

Cage Warriors Pro Fighter

Dublin, Ireland
Fights out of SBG Ireland

Chris ‘the killing’ Fields fights out of SBG Ireland. He has a pro MMA record of 10-4 and is the Cage Warriors World Middleweight champion..


Guest Coaches

MMA World

John Redmond

Cage Warriors, Pro Fighter

Dublin, Ireland
Fights out of Team Ryano

John is a pro MMA fighter for team Ryano, and founder of Malahide Mixed Martial Arts

Andy Ryan

MMA Instructor, Team RYANO

Dublin, Ireland
BJJ & MMA Coach

Andy Ryan is a 4th Dan and former Irish Judo Champion. Andy has fought for Ireland all over the world and holds 10 senior Irish titles. As well as teaching MMA classes and coaching some members of the Irish pro-fight team, Andy is a BJJ black belt under Rodrigo Medeiros, and part of the worldwide BJJ Revolution team. Past achievements include winning the 2011 Pan AMs, European open 2010 at brown belt and the European open in 2009 at purple belt.

Jeff Knight

Mixed Martial Artist

New York, U.S.A
Trains out of Renzo Gracie Academy, New York

Jeff is a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, and trains out of the Renzo Gracie BJJ & MMA Academy in New York, where he trains under Renzo himself and John Danaher.

Mike Russell

Head Coach, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Epping

London, U.K
Founder of Michael Russell BJJ

Michael Russell is the head BJJ coach of The MMA Clinic and he was awarded his black belt by Zaid Mirza, Rodrigo Freis and Luiz Fernando Team Mirza. At 26 years of age, Michael Russell is currently the youngest British BJJ black belt. Since beginning his training in 2004 he has shot from beginner to black belt in just under six years. Michael is often cited as one of the most talented young grapplers in the country, and is known for his innovative and inventive techniques.

Mauro Chueng Da Silva

Mixed Martial Artist

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Founding member of Rio Grappling Club

Mauro Chueng is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt under the legendary Sérgio Bolão and one of the top instructors teaching in the southern region of Portugal, the Algarve – Albufeira. Mauro is also one of the founding members of the Rio Grappling Club, a strong BJJ team with affiliates all over Europe.

Jovan Stojanovski

Muay Thai Coach

Toronto, Canada
Former Pro Muay Thai Fighter, Thailand

Jovan has had over 100 Muay Thai fights in Thailand, and has coached all over the world. He has a knee and elbowing classic Thai style, and his way of teaching and attention to detail is like no other.

Tory Locker

Mixed Martial Artist

Toronto, Canada
Trains out of Shinobi MMA Academy

Tory has been an athlete his entire life. He grew up playing ice hockey and football (soccer). He then played 14 years of American football, including 4 years as a semi-pro in Europe. At the age of 37 he found Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and fell in love with it. Within a few short months he dropped 10kg and has not looked back. Tory has a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, has lived in 6 countries for at least a year and speaks 3 languages.


V.I.P Coaches

MMA World

Dr. Julian Dalby

Ringside Doctor

Dublin, Ireland
Ringside Doctor
Cage Warriors & Battlezone

Julian’s sporting career started as an international cyclist. Now an ER doctor and a ring doctor for Cage Warriors, Battlezone and other fight promotions, he has an extensive knowledge of optimum sports performance, as well as diet, and training techniques.

Joe Hoey


Dublin, Ireland
Holistic Healing Therapist

Joe Hoey is a hypnotherapist, holistic healing therapist, published author, educator and sought-after speaker. He has diplomas in Nutrition and Diet (I.T.E.C.), Anatomy, Physiology and Massage (I.T.E.C.), and is a qualified member of the Association of Professional Hypnotherapists and Parapsychologists.



Upcoming Events

SBG Ireland - Strength to Strength

SBG Ireland were one of the 5 training facilities nominated for Best Gym at the 7th Annual MMA Awards show in Las Vegas. This is a short film I shot to show at the awards ceremony. It shows all levels, and all ages, with a common goal of learning and improving through martial arts.

Candy Donovan - Be Inspired

Winning the Overall NABBA Miss Ireland, and several RIBBF titles all those years ago, is but a distant memory now. And even though she is no longer a Miss Figure competitor, Candy hasn't quit training altogether. She has simply swapped her stage attire and trophies for hand wraps, a gum shield, and boxing gloves. While during the day managing her own social media marketing consultancy – The Everyday Icon, fitness blog: Cut The Gloss, and Facebook page: CoCo C & Me. Nor is it uncommon to see her coaching in the Shinobi strength and conditioning room and running her own posing and stage presence personal training camps for first-time female fitness competitors.

Tory Locker - Be Inspired

Tory is a testament to hard work and consistency. He showed up at The Shinobi Academy, out of shape and with no purpose. He immediately started to train Brazilian Jiujitsu. He got into shape and over time has become a writer of children's books. He is a great example of what you can achieve if you work hard and stay dedicated to your goal/s.

29th May 2011 - 29th May 2012

Dr. Julian Dalby - Interview

A real life super hero and life time friend Dr Jules being his usual funny self.

Joe Hoey - The Champion Ingredient

What makes a champion……a champion?

So, you do your drills, you never miss a training session. You watch your diet and you make sure you get plenty of rest and recovery....but you know deep down there is something missing…..that something that can make all the difference from you being a good athlete to you being a great athlete. So, the question you are asking here is: what is that missing ingredient that separates the champions from the rest of the other athletes?

Here is the explanation and the answer.

The explanation: go back to the opening sentence about doing your drills and training…go on re-read it, can you see it? It’s all about the physical…the body, the techniques, the program, all great and necessary. But what about the mind? Now we are coming to the answer. Ready for it? The magic ingredient that all champions have, whether they are aware of it or not, is that they are pre-programmed , or they are programming themselves to be and stay a champion. That is the magic ingredient. Do you get it? If you understand that no matter how much you train, watch your diet, and get your rest and recovery…..unless you consistently program your mind, all that effort will be slow and temporary.

So now let’s focus on the inner program:

1st mind drill:
Decide what you want to be

2nd mind drill:
Decide how good you want to be

3rd mind drill:
Daydream….yep, daydream

See yourself doing what a champion would do and how they would behave.
These 3 simple inner mind drills over a short time will speed up your results and achievements faster than any other process you are using at the moment. Be aware though, that inner mind drills are not a replacement for your actual training, they are an addition. But an addition that will move you from good to a champion.

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