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Colin Byrne

Chief Instructor

Shinobi School of

Mixed Martial Arts

Iberlagos, Lagos, Portugal


Iberlagos Resort, The Algarve, Portugal

Home of Shinobi MMA Academy

Boasting one of the best views in Lagos, Iberlagos apartment resort is a private condominium and a real hidden gem in terms of location to the town centre, and proximity to Dona Ana Beach. Nestled in amongst this resort is the Shinobi Academy, making it the perfect location for your stay during a training camp.
The facilities on offer include: the outdoor swimming pool, and Enjoy Café, where you can get breakfast, lunch, drinks, snacks, and free Wi-Fi. There are 2 small supermarkets nearby, as well as late night bars, and restaurants, and a selection of outdoor activities including surfing , kayaking, dolphin watching and mountain biking that we recommend you avail of if you have any free time. Or you may chose to lie by the pool, or soak up the sun on one of the many beaches along the coastline of the town. The choice is yours.

Iberlagos Resort, Enjoy Cafe

Enjoy serving Iberlagos Resort

Below The Shinobi Dojo is Enjoy Cafe - where you can enjoy great salads, great smoothies and great views. Shinobi MMA Camp breakfast and lunches are also served here.

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Iberlagos, Lagos, Portugal

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